Race Volunteers


Porta-poti & Hand Wash Station 

Ensure all supplies are stocked in Porta-poties and hand wash stations. Wipe down all contact points.  

Tear Down 

What goes up must come down and it is important to leave the race site the way we found it. Tear down includes dismantling the timing tents, removing all arrows, ribbon and starting area pins. 


Processing online registrations for race day. This includes checking in riders and ensuring they have all required documents, transponders and stickers.  

Score Keeping  

MotoTally electronic scoring system is used for score keeping. Our scoring software allows us to use RFID tags/transponders to score the event, eliminating manual data entry. Electronic scoring helps speed up the process of receiving results and eliminates typos and human error. That being said, we cannot always rely on technology and it is important to have back up (when the timing system gets taken out by riders). Volunteers are required to manually write down rider numbers and times as riders come through the check as well as check-in riders on the start line before the race starts.  


Volunteers are an integral part of any race, and one of the most important roles is being a sweeper. The role of a sweeper is someone who will help assist a fellow rider if they went down, had mechanical issues, or needs assistance to get back to the race site. Not only do you help ensure the safety of the racers, but you get to share in the experience and play a part in helping people do something they weren’t sure they could. Sweepers will ride during the race as well as do a final lap once the race is completed to ensure all racers have finished. Sweepers will be equipped with safety vests and radios to communicate with the race hosts.  

 Bike Raffle Tickets 

Volunteer will be required to sell raffle tickets at the awards, this person will need to fill out tickets and collect funds. 



Interested in filling one of these positions for an event this upcoming season? Please contact Ben Hart (VolunteerCoordinatorSGC@gmail.com) to get added to the list. Our community of offroad riders are amazing and the volunteers are the real reason we are able to hold our events throughout the year. Thank you! #SecondGearClub