Second Gear Club AGM

Second Gear Club 2022 AGM

Date: Tuesday November 15, 2022




1. Introduction of Second Gear Club Executive and Representatives

• Includes overview of the AGM and voting format

2. New Business:

  • 2023 Plan of Action (See Appendix A)
  • Donation to Courtney Schmale – Recovery Fund
  • Scoring/Timing Position (Paid position to be increased to $500/event) • Addition of Youth Director
  • Addition of Youth Director
  • Changes to Secretary Position (Paid position $500/event & non-voting) 
3. Treasurer's Report (Devin Boudreau)

4. 2022 Racing Review

• AMSA Racing Licence
• Racing Classes and Race Schedule

5. Executive Board and Volunteer Positions Available

  • Volunteer Coordinator (non-voting)
  • Secretary (non-voting)
  • Social Media Coordinator (non-voting)
  • Open Election Positions:
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Race Director (2)
    • Youth Director (New)

 6. 2023 Race Hosts Applications & Events

7. Additions (Members at Large)

Appendix A

 2023 Second Gear Club Plan of Action Proposal


  1. Repeat the actions of 2022 with a multiple round race series. If the SGC were to continue with the format from 2022 it would come with a heavy workload and a higher amount of volunteers required. Positions to be filled for every round are currently, but not limited to;
    1. Clerk of the Course
    2. Social Media Manager
    3. Volunteer Organizer
    4. Youth Course Organizer
    5. Secretary
    6. Time Keepers
    7. Boards Members (Race Director, Youth Race Director, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Sponsorship Director)
  1. Become a race host for a single round within the AMSA series and move the majority of the focus to hosting 2-3 SGC family fun weekend events. These events would be focused on the development of our youth, newer riders and recreational riders. These weekends would consist of clinics and sessions to help develop our members' safety and skill on their bikes, awareness of trail etiquette in our province and general bike maintenance and set up . The SGC would invite its industry sponsors and partners to these events and allow them an opportunity to interact with the membership. The weekends would also promote overall good habits and characteristics we like to promote within our industry. Ideally these developmental weekends could prepare our members to participate in the SGC host AMSA round. To participate in hosting one round within the AMSA series the SGC would still require the above race positions; however, the heavy workload would only be required for one weekend. The SGC family fun weekend events would not require as heavy a workload to the board and its volunteers as the weekend would be focused on smaller scale events and any loops would be made for our Sunday sessions (Youth, C, D riders).
  2. The SGC would offer a partnership agreement with the AMSA and provide assistance for the Sunday portion of the AMSA rounds only. The SGC would ensure that the Sunday sessions (Youth, C, D riders) course and organization was optimal for each weekend. This partnership would combine the volunteer numbers across Alberta and alleviate some of the workload for the provincial efforts within the off-road community. The SGC would still require the positions above for all of the participating rounds.