Xtreme Raceways Harescramble -Alix

Xtreme Raceways Harescramble -Alix

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Who is excited for the XTREME Harescramble? We are bringing it back... one of the most sought-after races of the year! Clashing together both sides of the sport, this race will give the bragging rights between the motocross riders and the off-road riders in a unique setting. The track will take you on a very natural motocross track, tight and technical singletrack, and a smooth flowy grass track... it is truly the most epic course. Hold on, do you think you'll be at a disadvantage because of this faster terrain? Bring in CARNAGE ALLEY and we will truly see the field settle on the exact same playing field. This race is truly amazing, so why not bring in an endurocross section to add some more fun into it!



An AMSA racing membership will be needed to attend this race. For Saturday's club classes and Sunday's youth classes, a separate SGC club membership will be required. View our memberships here to make sure you are eligible on race day.


Race Order (Saturday)

Saturday 8:00-10:00 am
Riders meeting 10:30 am
Racing starts 11:00 am

1st race: A Classes, 11-12:30 pm, 1.5 hours, hare scramble
Vet Masters
Ladies Expert


2nd race: B Classes 1-2:30 pm, 1.5 hours, hare scramble
Ladies Intermediate

3rd race: Adult Club Classes, 3-4 pm, 1 hour, hare scramble
Club Ladies Junior (formally Ladies Advanced)
Club Ladies Beginner (formally Ladies)
Club Sportsman A (formally Sportsman)
Club Sportsman B (formally Super Sportsman)

Race Order (Sunday)

Peewee Beginner 11 am (30mins)
Peewee Intermediate 11:45 am (30 mins)
Peewee Expert 12:30 pm (45mins)
Kids Junior 12:30 pm (1 hour)
Kids Intermediate 11 am (1 hour)
Kids Expert 11 am (1.5 hours)


Memberships and race entry are available on site but limited due to current COVID-19 restrictions. Not sure what class to sign up for? 

Class guidelines: https://www.amsaoffroad.ca/step-1


Come try something new! The traditional hare scramble loop allows the possibility of getting to put a couple of laps on the board as well as stop and refuel before heading out again. Do you have any more questions regarding our races? See our RACING INFO HERE.