Racing Info

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General Overview


Please read the descriptions of each class and choose based on your skill level and race experience. Below are the descriptions and corresponding number plate colors. Age restrictions and race cut off times are dependent on each class. It is up to the rider to choose the class best suited to your skill set and at the end of each season riders will be advanced. If a course has an A/B split each class will ride their designated loop. A- loops are typically more advanced, any questions on format please refer to the rule book. Race numbers are required for safety, manual back up scoring, and for other riders to identify racers in their respective classes.


Pick a Number- Once you have decided on your class you will need to pick a number. We use the Mototally scoring system, and we CAN NOT have any duplicate numbers for people racing on the same day.



Waivers - Every racer must sign an insurance waiver for the year.  MINORS must have signatures from all guardians. This can be printed off signed and brought with you to registration. Everyone else will sign onsite at registration and be issued their license card. All racers are required to read the Rulebook.


Know before you go - Off road racing is a demanding sport and accidents can happen.  While there are sweepers out there to help you stay safe you may be stuck alone before they arrive.  Below is a list of things you need to know.

STEP 5 Race Day Schedule - We try to maintain a similar format at each race.  Each race is put on by individual clubs so the schedule can vary, depending whether it is a Hare Scramble or X-country. PLEASE CHECK INDIVIDUAL RACE POSTERS ON FOR UPDATES ON EACH EVENT.



Class Overview

  • PRO - Fastest highest skilled riders. This class is now open and riders can enter at the discretion of the competitions committee. A -LOOP 13+
  • Expert - racers working towards the PRO class. A -LOOP 13+
  • Vet Masters - Retiring Pro's, Expert's and advanced racers from 30A /40A. 
  • 30A - Former experts that  don't qualify for Vet Master, previously in Intermediate, or advancing from 30B.
  • 40A - Experts that don't qualify for Vet Master, previously in Intermediate, or are advancing from 40B. Can also progress from 30A as they turn 40+
  • Intermediate - Experienced racers who are working towards moving into the Expert class.
  • Ladies Expert - Experienced Racers, must first ride in the Ladies Intermediate class in order to advance.  This is a trophy class.  A-LOOP
  • 50+ - For rider who are 50 or over. B-LOOP 
  • 60+ - For our legend riders who are 60 or over. B-LOOP 
  • 30B - Riders that did not race in Pro, Expert, Vet Master, Intermediate or 30A/40A.
  • 40B - Riders that did not race Pro, Expert, Vet Master, Interm or 30A/40A. B-LOOP 
  • Ladies Intermediate -Experienced riders. This is a trophy class. B-LOOP 
  • Junior - Novice riders with race experience. B-LOOP 
  • Beginner -New racers only with limited experience. Current and former Kids Expert class racers are NOT eligible. Minimum 85cc bike.


  •  KIDS EXPERT- 65cc and up. Pre­-teens and teens getting ready for the adult classes.​ 
  • Sportsman - An introduction to racing for new adult racer. This is not a trophy class and is not included in the     championship. Is meant as a stepping stone to move to the Saturday races and not a permanent place. 16+
  • Kids Intermediate - 65cc and up. Kids who are ready to try more difficult terrain <16
  • Ladies Junior - Restricted to female riders. This is a trophy class. 13+
  • Ladies Beginner - Restricted to beginner female riders. 13+
  • Kids junior - 65cc and up. Kids who have racing experience. Will be limited to 19”-16” tires, No full size bikes allowed in this class. <16
  • Kids Beginner - First time clutch users and first times racers. Manual clutch bike must be used.  Will be limited to 19”-16” tires, No full size bikes allowed in this class. <16
  • Pee Wee Expert - Maximum 50cc 2-stroke and 110cc 4-stroke, automatic clutch minibikes. <12 
  • Pee Wee Intermediate - Some riding experience, max 50cc 2T/ 110 4T automatic clutch mini bikes. <12
  • Pee Wee Beginner - Restricted to 10' wheel size, automatic clutch minibikes. New Racers with limited riding experience. They will race on a separate course appropriate to bike size and learning. <12


Know Before You Go


Every racer is responsible to read the rulebook prior to racing.


You will need a Dot rated helmet, riding boots, gloves, goggles, and it is highly recommended to have a chest protector, knee guards/braces, hydration pack, and tool pack. Although there are sweepers during the race, carrying a few specific tools can be the difference between finishing and a DNF.


Know your bike and it's capabilities. Bring a gerri can with fuel if you think you will need a pit stop. At the riders meeting promoters will advise where fuel can be left or transported for remote pits. Hare-scramble are under 35km courses that you complete as many laps as possible in the time and Cross-countries are courses up to a 100km loop that you complete only once. 



Be aware that all bikes need to have valid registration and insurance. Promoters will apply for a headlight and tail light exemption from the registrar to be applied during the event. At all other times (before/after the race) bikes will require a headlight and taillight to be deemed legal and compliant with the OHV Traffic Safety Act. Neither AMSA nor Promoters will be policing this, it is the responsibility of the individual rider. If a rider chooses not to be compliant with the law, they could end up with fines.



Bikes should have a silencer that is less than 96dbs and has a spark arrestor. Event promoters will be conducting random noise test to ensure compliance.



Travel responibly on designated trails.

Respect the right of others including private property, recreational trail users, and campers.

Educate yourself by obtaining maps and regulations from public agencies.

Avoid sensitive areas such as meadows, lakeshores, wetlands, and streams, unless on designated routes equipped with bridges.

Do your part by leaving the area better than you found it, and join a local group of enthusiasts.