Special Meeting Vote Announcement


On February 27th the Second Gear Club (SGC) held a special meeting to discuss the following motions:

Motion 1: For the Second Gear Club to participate in the Alberta Off-Road Licence program by collaborating with the AMSA to provide members with a single licence requirement to participate in club events yet allow clubs to continue to operate as individual entities. All participants for any SGC race class (Saturday & Sunday) must have an Alberta Off-Road-Licence (Family licence $200, individual licence $70, Day licence $30). Motion to include reducing all Peewee (Beginner, Intermediate and Expert) class entry from $25 to $15.

Motion 2: Motion for the Second Gear Club to adapt the Alberta Off-road proposed race class structure: (Sportsman A to Beginner, Sportsman B to Sportsman).

We would like to thank the members that were present during this special meeting as your time, opinions and questions were greatly appreciated. At the conclusion of the special meeting, an anonymous vote was casted by those present at the meeting and both motions were passed.

As a SGC member what does this mean for you?

The SGC membership will still be going as strong as ever! This collaboration is aimed at streamlining racing in Alberta and making it more affordable for riders across the province. To clarify this is not a merger of the SGC and the AMSA; however, we will be working together to support the growth of off-road racing in Alberta. As the summer rolls out you will see that the SGC will still operate as our own club but sharing the same sanctioning body as the AMSA. This also means you will be able to attend any competitions hosted by the SGC or AMSA with one single licence.

How does this work?

When you purchase Alberta Off-road Licence online you will be given the option to select the SGC as your primary club. By selecting SGC in the drop-down menu your purchase will include your SGC membership. If there is only one or two members racing, we suggest you buy an individual licences. If you are a family of three or more, we suggest you purchase a family licence. Day licences will also be available in person the day of the event. Once you have submitted the application for your Alberta Off-road Licence you are officially a Second Gear Club member and hold an Alberta Off-road Licence to compete in both SGC and AMSA sanctioned events.

Benefits for Motion 1:

  • · Reallocation of finances from insurance and RFID cost savings (approx. $3500)

    • Opportunity to continue to enhance specific grassroot value driven objectives such as weekend wrap up BBQ’s, riding clinics/tutorials, and reduced entry fees (Peewee Classes)

    • Opportunity to enhance the quality of the races by employing a consistent Clerk of the Course and Timing/Scoring, as well as adding race host incentives


  • Easy online registration

    • Removing stress of registration on the morning of the races for both families and volunteers

    • Reallocate volunteer power to grassroot motivated events

  • · Power in numbers

    • The Alberta Off-road Licence provides the SGC with a tool to show a larger total number when applying for Provincial grants and a larger voice to the government.

Summary: The SGC’s primary objective is reallocate finances and volunteer power to prioritize the Second Gear Club culture of Family Fun Racing.

Benefits for Motion 2:

  • Race classes to align with AMSA and eliminate confusion between participants racing in both series. SGC may operate race class durations and race order independently from AMSA schedules


Q. Is this taking away affordability for families?

The Second Gear Club has always based its racing fees around families and prioritizing affordability for the entire family to come race. Our first instinct when this proposition came to our attention was “How can we participate in the Alberta Off-Road License yet ensure we still make it affordable for our racers.” We believe that the youth in our community is of the utmost importance, and we want to do what we can so they have every opportunity to participate. Our solution is to reduce the cost of entry from $25 to $15 for all Peewee classes (Beginner, Intermediate and Expert) to compensate for some of the added costs the families may see.

Note: Family licenses are recommended for families of 3+ members racing. Less than three members will benefit from purchasing individual licenses.


Example family: 2 Adults, 1 Youth, 1 Peewee

Previous race fees for one year of racing

Adult (2) $60 x 5 Events =$600

Youth $25 x 5 Events = $125

Peewee $25 x 5 Events = $125

AMSA License for 2 Adults = $140

SGC Membership =$40

Total racing costs for season = $1030


Collaboration with Alberta Off-Road Licence fees for one year of racing

Adult (2) $60 x 5 Events =$600

Youth $25 x 5 Events = $125

Peewee $15 x 5 Events = $75

AMSA License for Family = $200

SGC Membership =N/A

Total racing costs for season = $1000


As a club that stands for Family, Fun Racing we want to support the members in our community as well as being able to provide a professional fun event for everyone to come back to in years to come. If this change impacts your ability to attend a SGC event, please reach out to president@secondgearclub.com and we will determine a solution to insure your continued attendance at SGC events.

Q, Do I need to purchase a SGC membership and an Alberta Off-Road Licence?

You will no longer need to purchase a separate SGC membership as all racers that purchase an Alberta Off-Road License and select Second Gear Club as their primary club will automatically become members.

Q. How does this reduce volunteer strain?

Tools that are available through the Alberta Off-road Licence program allow us to streamline preregistration online which reduces the stress and heavy workload in half. This will not only reduce the strain of volunteer numbers at registration but will also reduce the agitation and wait times for riders registering the morning of their races.

Q. What if the Alberta Off-road Licence does not benefit the members of the Second Gear Club?

The SGC has committed to one season with the Alberta Off-road License and will evaluate at the end of the first season. We will then discuss and vote at the AGM if we decide to continue with the Alberta Off-road Licence program.

Q. Will there be changes to rules for SGC?

SGC will not be changing any race rules for the 2022 season. Ex. number plate colours/numbers will not be enforced.

Q. Will day licences purchased be credited to full licence?

No, if you purchase a $30 day licence and then decide you would like to race the entire season you will need to purchase an additional $70 individual or $200 family licence.


We look forward to the opportunity to show the membership that their decision to pass these motions will greatly benefit the members at our races in the 2022 season.


Thank you,

The Second Gear Club