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Up Coming Events

You can now REGISTER for EVENTS on line through the SGC website. REGISTRATION will open at different times for the different EVENTS. In order to REGISTER for an EVENT, open up the EVENT from either the Calendar or left side list. Read the details of the event, and scroll to the bottom of the EVENT's details and then click on the REGISTER button. Follow the REGISTRATION steps.

UPDATE: Currently no REGISTRATIONS are working yet. We do have a MOCK test-event at the very bottom that we are testing. If you want to help us out, you can test out the REGISTRATION (that will help us out). When testing, try registering every family member for an EVENT and simply select payment by mail (for the test), do not pay on line at this time and not not mail us any money for test-events. This note will be removed, once the REGISTRATION section is proven to work adequately.

Upcoming events

**** HELMET INSPECTIONS for CMA classes only:  (Club classes do not require Snell/ECE approved helmets) ****

Helmets MUST meet: SNELL 2010 (or equivalent ECE 22-05) Helmets required!! 

Second Gear club is a NON PROFIT organization, For More info contact.

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